Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Female President Yet (my completely selfish reason)

There should not be a female president for at least 30 years.  This is due to the fact that My oldest daughter will not be old enough to run for president until, at least, 30 years from now.    Sure a female president before either of my daughters wouldn't make it any less of an accomplishment, but I want one of my girls to be first.  So, Hellary, do the honorable thing and bow out so my girls can be first. 


What was with the women voters in New Hampshire voting for Hellary just because she cried.  NPR did a story and the women their voted for her because her crying set something off inside them and they had to.  What!?! That is retarded.  The lady that asked the question didn't vote for Hellary, she voted for Obama.  She said that Obama makes her cry because he inspires so much hope.  I think she voted for the right reason, but I am suspending sufferage rights from the other women in New Hampshire for voting from a sentimental place and not a logical one. 

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kat >>/dev/null said...

i was -totally- turned off by the crying bit. tears are appropriate in politics, but only for national disasters, deaths of respected colleagues, massive loss of life.

but of course i'm a self-hating woman.

grrrace said...

that's cute... hehe...somewhere here on vox a mom said something about how she didn't want hillary to win (well, she hated hillary anyway) because she wanted HER daughter to be the first female pres. hehe.oh, man. sometimes i'm embarrassed to be a woman.

Steve Betz said...

If you restricted the electorate to "logical" people, you could tally the votes on an abicus.

Budd said...

Faulty logic is logic just the same. Maybe too many people do vote. Maybe only land owners should be able to vote, or we could go way back and just have a monarchy.

Design Shark said...

Obama makes me cry because he refuses to take a stance on anything and likes to talk in circles. :D Hillary makes me cry because she is a nazi.