Thursday, January 31, 2008

Real Conversation

Ashli was telling me that she would rather be called Ash because she didn't like being called Ashli B. at school so I was relaying this to the wife.

Me:  Ashli wants to go by Ash.

Wife:  Why

Me:  She has realized that there will be other girls named Ashli in her classes for all of time.

Wife:  So

Me:  They call her Ashli B. now and she doesn't like it and feels that it will always happen.

Wife:  Who is Ashli A?  Why isn't Ashli "Ashli A"?

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gamany said...

this made me giggle.

Potty Mouth said...


Cori said...

HA. I just snorted.

grrrace said...

LOL. oh man. korean moms... what can ya do? hehe.