Thursday, January 31, 2008

To many networks

Of course there is Vox.

There is myspace (only because I want to keep in touch with long lost friends and family). 

There is LinkedIn.

I have a Writer's Cafe account.

I also have a couple of different library account that I can't even remember.

then there is pseudo networking flickr.

I check few of these accounts on a regular basis and very few of them network me to anyone or anything useful. 

Do they really work?

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little wonders said...

Vox is the only social site that works for me, this might be because it is the only one I put any effort into though, I tried fiendster and myspace both of which are way to juvenile for my taste, and linkin only works if you have lots of friends to begin with (if I did why would i need a social networking site?)

grrrace said...

i don't know if it works for other people... but i've had some good luck with blogger and vox. i've met some super cool people. and some of my closest friends that i have now i met through blogger... and i talk to lots of people on vox (i just haven't met them in person)... i am staying away from facebook... and i just keep my myspace account just because i've had it for a while...

Budd said...

Blogger was okay, but finding people was totally random. Vox has been awesome for me. Modblog was good while it lasted. I am not in high school so myspace isn't all that. Linked in was supposed to be for professional networking, but I only have people I already know in there. If one of my friends wants to offer me a job, I hope he/she just calls.I don't know what to think of Writer's Cafe. There is a lot of really bad writing on there.