Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Hundred Years Ago

A Hundred Years Ago by Roderick Heffley

Sometimes I sit and wonder
About stuff I don't know
Like what the heck the earth was like
A hundred years ago.

Did cavemen ride on dinosaurs?
Did flowers even grow?
We could all guess but that was back
A hundred years ago.

I wish they built a time machine
And they picked me to go
To check out what the scene was like
A hundred years ago.

Did giant spiders rule the earth?
Were deserts filled with snow?
I wonder what the story was
A hundred years ago.

This is only a small sample of the laughs you will enjoy in both of the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid  by Jeff Kinney.  My daughter brought these home and I almost feel ashamed to say that she had to put off reading them because I was devouring them. Really a great find on my 7 year old's part.  

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney

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Red Mosquito said...

my son, Nick 9, loves these books. Almost as much as he loves Star Wars books.

grrrace said...

how cute! i'll have to see if steve has these in mia's library :D