Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scifi Quiz

1.  Name the samurai sword carrying character from Snow Crash. (moderate) Hiro Protatgonist

2.  What author would I read if I was interested in Vogon Poetry? (easy) Douglas Adams

3.  In what movie does Charlie Sheen play a character's brother back from the dead? (easy) The Wraith

4.  Before we were in the matrix, this movie created a virtual reality that ended on a deserted highway and starred Gretchen Mol. (difficult) The Thirteenth Floor

5.  Who is Hari Seldon. (moderate) Character from the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov

6.  Name the PBS series that involved an alien invasion with kids hiding out in the library.  (difficult) Tomes and Talismans

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Ginger_sister said...

2. Douglas Adams.4. Existenz...I think.5. Raven :) (from the Foundation Series.)This was fun...even thought I just barely got 50%

Phil Davis said...

1) Hiro Protagonist2) Do you want the name of a Vogon author?3) The Wraith?5) Character in Asimov's Foundation Series

Cori said...

I'm fairly certain there was a random Vogon poetry reference on Chuck this week. Awesome.

Ross said...

1) Hiro Protagonist2) Adams3) No clue (are you sure this wasn't a "difficult" one?) :-)4) The 13th Floor? I think that ends on the end of the highway after busting through the roadblock? (I think eXistenZ ends in a field, just watched that again a couple months ago)5) Losing geek cred for not remembering this was from Foundation6) No clue

Budd said...

2 and 5 were correct. I thought about using existenz as well and they both came out around the same time.

Budd said...

1 and 3 and 5 are correct. I am sure you knew 2 as well.

Budd said...

1, 2, and 4 are correct. Good job on thirteenth floor. Easy/Difficult are both subjective. The Wraith was easy for me because I have seen the movie about a million times and absolutely loved the movie when I was a kid. I also rated it as easy because I had to come up with a way to word a question about it without completely giving it away.