Friday, November 07, 2008

The Incredible Hulk


Watched this with the girls on Tuesday night.  I was blown away.  Sure the movie was fun, but I think it was comparing it to the last Hulk movie that made it seem like the best movie in the world.  Ally loved when he finally said "Hulk smash!"  People have asked if it was as good as Iron Man and I can't really compare the two.  They were two completely different films with different paces.  Iron Man was an origin story and Hulk was a retcon/sequel/start-over.  I will say that the movie accomplished its goal of making an excellent Hulk movie.  It is hard to feel compassion for the character on screen because he loses an aspect of his humanity in the transformation.  This movie addressed this with the eyes. The eyes, although gamma green, let all of the humanity in.  I really liked the rage and roar in this movie a lot more than the last movie.  The special effects either make or break a movie like this and they did what they were supposed to do without drawing too much attention to themselves.  I really liked it and the girls loved it. 

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grrrace said...

sorry, but... i wanted to hulk-smash liv tyler's face every time she said something. she is so annoying in the movie!!! i wanted more smashing, so i was kinda disappointed in it. but that's just me.

Chris said...

I enjoyed it. Great comic book movie. And the voice that did "Hulk Smash"--none other than Lou Ferrigno.