Thursday, November 06, 2008

Presidential Humor

I think they were singing this in Chicago on Tuesday.


Barrack the Builder
Can we fix it
Barrack the Builder
Yes, we can

Time to get busy, such a lot to do
Building and fixing till it's good as new
Barrack and the gang make a really loud sound
Working all day till the sun goes down

It's a perfect job
Can you fix it
Left a lot, right a little less, O.K. straight down
We can tackle any situation
Look out, here we come

I would be ashamed to run my campaign with a slogan from a children's show.

I also saw the people gathering outside of the whitehouse celebrating.  I couldn't help but imagine Bush in the oval office looking out the window and exclaiming, "They like me again!" and pumping his arm in the air. 

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1 comment:

It's Come To This... said...

I heard it said that the you could hear the crowd outside the White. House-- "OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA..." when 'W' placed his first call to our new Prez, on Tuesday night.