Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Culling

We are rearranging some things in our house and it looks like there won't be limitless storage for my library or my comic book collection.  I have gone through and seperated all of the books that I want to keep.  Any book that I thought a friend would enjoy, I gave to them.  I will try and sell the rest of the books on Amazon or Craigslist.  I now have a little over 50% of the original pile.  My comics are a different story.  It will take a long time to go through them and then it is silly to remove books to sell because the current comic market isn't so hot.  I will probably want to keep anything worth any money anyways.  I will have to sell them in lots for cheap. 

I seriously need a bigger house with a room for just my stuff. 

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grrrace said...

we need a bigger place, too. although, if we had a bigger place, i have a feeling, steve would just get more comic books and books and dvds and games (you get the point) and we'd just have MORE stuff... hehe.

Cori said...

Saaaad. I hate getting rid of books!