Monday, April 20, 2009

Camp Copperhead 2009

This weekend was a group of my friends annual campout.  We had a good time.  We went to Mammoth Cave, KY and hiked some trails and did the historic tour.  We call ourselves camp copperhead because on the first camping trip we attended a seminar on reptiles in the park.  The guy stated that copperheads were the most common snake in the park and that we had probably passed 10 of them without even knowing it during our days hikes.  This also prompted the camp slogan of, "they're everywhere."  Wouldn't you know, signs at this years campsite said to watch out for copperheads (and rattlesnakes).  All we saw was a large garter snake. 

The theme of this years trip was finding hollow earth.  Mammoth Cave is a supposed entrance to this mythical realm and we planned to find it (without exploring the caves on our own or diverging from the group tour).  We did however speculate on why certain parts of the cave were closed off and every passage we didn't go down led to Hollow Earth. 

We were rained on Sunday when we were packing up camp, but had great weather otherwise.  I slept with my rain fly off on friday evening and was able to enjoy a very clear and bright night sky.

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