Monday, May 18, 2009

Beauty Schools

I am starting to lose faith in the beauty school system.  In the past years, the price of a haircut has gone up double, but the quality of a haircut has gone down.  I think beauty schools are really just party schools with raging keggers at the sorority parties every night.  The school itself doesn't care because it is only worried about its football program.  Heck if half the students weren't scholorship athletes, the teacher could probably enforce some standards.  All beauty school degrees shouldn't be considered the same.  I don't want someone that majored in nail decoration cutting my hair.  It isn't my fault that there isn't much demand for painting flowers on fingernails.  Sure she took some basic studies courses in haircut theory but that doesn't qualify her to cut my hair. 

Why do they always ask me if I am sure that I want my haircut the way I asked for it.  Hello, I have been getting my haircut for over 3 decades.  Half of that time I have been getting it my way.  I know how I want my hair cut.  I don't,however,know how to do your job, so quit asking me what guard is normally used.  Speaking of guards, you cut the top of someones head with scissors in the civilized world. 

Don't get your haircut at:

Style America in La Vergne, very bad haircut but I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.

SportClips in Antioch (yeah, I should know better than to even be in Antioch), took twenty nice fade but my hair is as uneven as my grass.


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Steve Betz said...

This is why had nearly all my hair fall out by the time I was 35.

Budd said...

good plan.