Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Hate Comcast

My internet went out so I called there very helpful robot at 1-800-Comcast.  The robot narrowed down that I was having internet problems and had me speak my problem into the phone.  It even gave examples such as, "I cannot connect to the internet."  This example was my problem, so I said, "I cannot connec to the internet."

5 minutes on hold listening to all the great services that comcast provides and assurances that someone would be with me in a moment.

Ooooh, it is ringing.  "We are sorry, all operators are busy now.  For further assistance, visit our website."  *click* *dialtone* 

I kind of lost my temper at this point.  I am lucky my phone still works and that the neighbors didn't call the cops.  I so wish that comcast wasn't my only choice for high speed internet. 

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comcastcares1 said...

I would like into this for you. Your call should have been routed correctly. Do you mind letting me know the phone number associated with the account. This will help us in determining the problem area. This information will

Budd said...

It is a trap!