Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thursday evening the family and I took off for Atlanta.  My wife's cousin lives down there and we had Six Flags season passes that were burning a hole in our pockets.  We actually stopped for the night in Chattanooga.  My wife didn't want me to drive four hours right before I went to a theme park.  We got to the park at around 11am and it was hot.  We rode the log flume first and then did monster Mansion.  At that point we decided on lunch.  After lunch we did the kid's area and I rode the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster with Ashli.  I am the only person in my family that likes rollercoasters but would prefer to enjoy them with someone.  My wife's cousin was going to be at the park later in the day and my wife said that she would ride some coasters with me. 

When her cousin got there I immediatly started jumping on coasters.  First I went on mind bender and then on Batman the ride.  Batman was more fun.  At this point I discovered that the cousin had never ridden a coaster before today.  My youngest was bored and wanted to go back to the kids area by this time buy my oldest wanted to ride a spinning ride.  So we split up.  After we get through the line and get back out, my wife isn't in the kid's area.  We look for her for a while and go back to the spinning ride area.  She is there talking to her cousin, my youngest is asleep.  The park is now about to close, so we head to thunder river.  Every single one of us was completely drenched. 

Saturday- we swam at the pool at the cousins place, then went to a nurebong (korean for singing room or karaoke).  We sang some songs and had some fun there.  Daluth GA has a huge korean community and it is strange to see a strip mall completely full of Korean businesses.  We thought we were going to do dinner at medievil times, but we missed the show time and then found out the prices and wouldn't have been able to afford it anyways.  We settled for 0'Charley's. 

Sunday we headed back to Six Flags so the kids could ride the waterslides and I could actually ride some coasters.  I had to go solo, but that works out as the carts are seldom full and I can jump in line.  I didn't get to ride the Georgia Cyclone or the Georgia Scorcher.  I was in line at the Scorcher and it broke down.  I was suppposed to be linking back up with the family for the drive home at that point so I got out of line.  Superman Ultimate Flight was my favorite.  it was so much fun.  I also really liked Batman the ride.  It produced some crazy g-force.  Both were very smooth.  The Ninja jerks you around a lot but is really fast.  Goliath was fun but I am not sure it was worth the 1:15 wait.  It was very disconcerting to not have a cart around you on a ride.  The great american scream Machine was okay.  The mine car ride was my least favorite though. 

got home at 6:30 local time and mowed the yard.  Busy weekend. 

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little wonders said...

sounds like a fun weekend

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