Tuesday, June 23, 2009

day 6 and 7 of the love dare

We went out of town this past weekend so no love dare for those days. 

Day 6-  You are supposed to examine your priorities.  I think this one is aimed at workaholics that ignore their families.  Not really aimed at me.  My priorities are in line.  We just work alternating shifts, so we only see each other a few hours of every day. 

Day 7-  Today I am supposed to make two lists.  One is supposed to be things that I like about my wife and the other is supposed to be things i don't like.  I am supposed to hide the lists because more will be done with them later.  I am also supposed to compliment her on something from the good list.  Yeah the bad list will be longer, but I don't feel bad, because the book pretty much says it will be. 

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