Thursday, June 18, 2009


Memphis was interesting.  I had to walk into a hornet's nest and stir them up.  It worked out okay.  I met one of the judges and he said that he thought my name was "that damn Budd" instead of just Budd.  I think the crowd warmed up to me a bit during the presentation, and a few of them even came by and introduced themselves to me.  They had tried to cancel but we were already on our way down to Memphis and it was too late to cancel our hotel reservations.  Hopefully some things will change because of it, but the judges all bowed out of the actual presentation, and they are the ones that needed to see it. 

We ate at BB Kings on Beale St. for lunch on Thursday and a place called The Butcher Shop for dinner.  They were both overpriced in my opinion.  Both of them were also chain type places, so I am not sure what I was expecting.  The Wyndam was a nice hotel and I did some laps in their tiny pool and then went and sat in the "luke warm" tub for about 20 minutes.  I weighed myself in the fitness room and I am down to 165 lbs.  That is after eating out at both those places and having burger king for breakfast. 

It was okay.  I don't really care for Memphis (as a city) and this trip didn't change my mind.  Give me Nashville any day of the week. 

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