Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love Dare Day 5

Today's dare was to ask your significant other what 3 things were that annoyed them about you.  This is kind of hard to bring up randomly, so I think it is obvious that it is a dare, but oh well.  I did it.  I can work on some of the things or least the perception that she has.  I guess the normal reaction is to be defensive but you are not supposed to argue or try and justify your actions, only listen.  I am sure that tomorrow's dare will be something like don't do the things that annoy your spouse. 

Who knew that clipping my toe nails at the table during dinner was annoying.  J/K  /would never do that

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1 comment:

Dancing Bear said...

It's not so much the clipping. It's more that you aim them at company. But because you're worth having she'll get over it. Just don't put somebody's eye out.