Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ender's Game

Last night for Ashli's bedtime story, I pulled out Ender's Game and read
her the first chapter. I forgot how good it was. Well, I didn't
forget. It is always a book I recommend to people as awesome, but I did
kind of forget. I have read her the first chapter of Redwall (I have
not read this book before) and of Ender's Game and she will have to
choose tonight which book we read through. I don't know which one to
root for. I haven't read Redwall, but Ender's Game just flows out of
me. Good thing it is her decision.

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kat >>/dev/null said...

you are the best dad, like, ever.

grrrace said...

I can't wait until Mia's a little older and we can read her "chapter books." hehe.

Budd said...

Oh, the joy. She has decided that we would rotate through the books, but read another chapter of Ender's Game tonight. I think it might take a turn that direction.

grrrace said...

Btw, thanks for recommending "Here Come the ABCs." Mia is really enjoying it. I think I saw a 123 one on Netflix, too. Might have to check that one out, too. :)

Budd said...

We love Go Go Go, Go for G. and Pandas Painting Pictures.