Friday, March 05, 2010

Oscar Buzz

avatar-poster This weekend is the Oscars and there are two science fiction movies up for best picture.  I will give my rundown on what I think will happen. 

Avatar-  This movie is going to clean up in the technicals but will not win best picture and Cameron will not get best director.  Rightly so.  The movie was entertaining, but was not the best movie of the year.  Prettiest, yes, best, no.  Prettiest is where all those technicals come in though.district9poster

District 9-  Again- I don’t think this is best picture material.  The movie was better than Avatar and very entertaining, but not the best movie of the year.  It does have the whole social commentary thing about katrina and the apartheid going for it.  The committee loves that stuff.  But no Oscar for District 9. 

The biggest let down is that Moon didn’t get nominated at all.  This movie could have landed best picture and best actor.  It is a shame and an oversight. 


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