Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Spirit(2008)

I finally got around to watching The Spirit.  Yeah, only two years too  late.  I never followed the comic, so I had absolutely no investment in the movie that drove me to see it poster_spirit-dvd-artimmediately upon release.  It also died in the theatres pretty quickly. 

I should say that I attempted to watch The Spirit.  It kept putting me to sleep.  Sure this may have been due to my attempts being later at night, but come on.  The movie was unnecessarily talky.  Show not tell.  I  am not sure how serious the comic was, but the movie was almost caricature. 

The movie itself was very stylized.  Something that worked well in Sin City but it just didn’t work here.  It was a distraction.  It may have been overdone and it comes off as a spirit-talking-postersgimmick.  The girls are hot but the movie is boring so you don’t really care to get to the next Sand Saref scene. 

This movie was boring which is disappointing, because I have heard good things about the comic.  I would stay away from this one unless you are having trouble sleeping.  Not for kiddies due to language and violence.    


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