Thursday, May 06, 2010

Did anyone actually read the AZ immigration bill

I did. I looked at CNN's article and thought I must have read the wrong one.

The bill does not require police officers to stop people they think are illegal. You can't be pulled over without just cause. Just cause could be a headlight out, but so be it. The officer still has to have reasonable cause to stop you. If at any time during said stop that they think you might be illegal, then they are required to inquire.

The bill does not require people to carry their immigration documents everywhere they go. A drivers license or any AZ ID is valid proof that you are not illegal. In most police type situation, you are showing that anyways. If someone does not have any paperwork on them and their are other reasons to suspect the person is illegal, then the person may be detained while it is sorted out.

The bill does address the hiring of illegals. It is illegal and you will be punished if you are caught doing so.

The bill does not go above and beyond what the federal law is. It basically gives police officers responsibility of enforcing said law.

Will some poor guy be detained because he left his wallet at home, yeah probably. But I bet the cop would rather follow him home to get his wallet than take him down to the station and fill out a whole bunch of paperwork. Will there be check points set up forcing people to show their papers to walk down the street, no.

Interestingly, it does look like the bill gives the ability to other state agencies as well. So, if someone is filling for foodstamps and they are illegal and can't provide documentation, the Social Worker could turn the person over to the police.

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