Sunday, October 17, 2010

Visit to Salem, MA

Sorry, I have been away from the computer for a while and then trying to get caught up on things.  DSCF2562

This Saturday we went to Salem, MA to check out some haunted happenings.  The drive from from our house is about 20 miles so you know that it took about 2hrs to get there.  I think MA purposely makes local roads suck so that you have to take the turnpike.  Well, I refuse, my tax money already goes to pay for road maintenance, why should I be taxed twice. 

DSCF2554 So we get there and have to figure out where things are and which witch museum to go to.  Our first stop was the Samantha statue.   Then we checked out the Witch’s Dungeon as it was supposed to be a better production. 

While in line, someone recommended the Witch’s Cottage as being really good.  We checked that one out as well.  Both were educational and you could tell that the people knew a lot about the local lore and were just itching to answer questions.   The Dungeon was only about the Salem Witch Trials and the Cottage was about the local lore and haunts.  The cottage is actually a play house and the production was really good.  I would say that it was a better value. 

The Salem Halloween experience is unique and there are lots of people in costume and crazy things going on.  It is tourist trappy but that is a lot of fun sometimes.  I would recommend checking it out.  DSCF2603


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds cool!

DEZMOND said...

he he that kid in the first pic has a good sense of humour :)

Dana Davis said...

Hubby and I were in Salem last year and loved it!

Budd said...

Alex-more like cold, but fine if you have a jacket, but it was cool too.

Dez-That is my oldest after I accused her of being a witch.

Dana-it is a lot of fun but expensive if you are not carefull

Copyboy said...

Sounds like a fun, happening horrific time. :)