Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is your ring entrance music?

In MMA and Wrasslin all of the athletes have entrance music.  In MMA it is to pump the guy up.  In wrasslin, it goes further.  Wresters are identified with their music to the point that the fans know who is coming out by hearing only the first couple of notes.  The wrestler's will keep their entrance music for years.  To this day, if you are at a WWE event and you hear glass breaking, everyone is looking for Stone Cold to come strutting down to the ring with a bear in hand. 

When I was at Raw episode 900 they had lots of people show up, at one point, the Wrestler CM Punk, thought he would punk everyone in the audiance by playing Stone Cold's music.  It was amazing, as just the music had a pavlovian response and everyone jumped to their feet and were looking for Stone Cold. 

So, what would your entrance music be?  It wouldn't necessarily be your favorite song, but an up tempo song that says don't mess with me.

Here is what I would use: 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Is there a song that says "I'm about to get my ass kicked?"
I'd probably pick Rush's Tom Sawyer.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Colors, by Ice-T.

Budd said...

Alex-There is "you knocked me out" by Grace Slick and Linda Perry.