Thursday, February 14, 2008

SF trivia

Don't cheat, so how many you can get without looking up the answers.  I have been told that these are hard, I was trying to make easy ones though.


Q: William Gibson is considered the father of what science fiction sub-genre?

Q: According to Frank Herbert's book Dune, One should not fear for fear is . . .what?

Q: In the Lord of the Rings, how many rings were given to the Dwarf-Lords in their Halls of Stone.

Q: This Vietnam allegory by Joe Haldeman won the Nebula award for best novel in 1975.

Q: In Orson Scott Card's Nebula award winning novel Ender's Game, Valentine and Peter Wiggin write under what pseudonyms.

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mariser said...

A1. - cyberpunkA2. - the mind killerA3. -nineA4. - The Forever WarA5. - no idea. haven't read any OSC.good questions!

Cori said...

Okay. I totally know you are a science fiction guy, but my first thought when I read this post was, "these questions have nothing to do with San Francisco!"

grantalias said...

A1. CyberpunkA2. The mind killerSorry that's all I know. Not a big LOTR fan (I did see the moives)

Budd said...

William Gibson has written at least one book that takes place in San Fran.

Ross said...

Good questions! I thought they were medium-difficulty. Stretched my brain for a few minutes to get 4 out of 5 correct.A1. - yep (got it without looking it up)A2. - yep (got it without looking it up)A3. - It's 7, but I guessed 5 (I remembered that the elves had 3 rings, though!)A4. - yep [and a damned good novel, too] (got it without looking it up)A5. - Locke and Demosthenes (I misspelled the 2nd name when I originally wrote it but only looked it up to get the spelling right)

grrrace said...

i suck.that is all.

Skyer said...

cyberpunk.either the mind killer or the death of minds.12, thirteen if you count the one ring. (that question is cheating. LOtR is fantasy.)no clueLocke and Demosthenes, but Peter later wrote as Lincoln while he was the hegemon.