Sunday, July 10, 2011

NYC trip

Last weekend we went to NYC with my brother and his GF.  I have to start out with where we stayed.  It was the Residence Inn in E. Rutherford.   Completely awesome place.  We got a discount on a two room sweet so that it was about $160 a night.  The bus ride into the city was only 15-20 minutes.  The room had a full kitchen and living room.  They offered free breakfast, and I mean eggs, bacon, and hash browns.  They also had free dinner on at least one night that we were there.  They even accommodated my brothers dogs.  Great place, great location. 

Word of advice if it is your fist time visiting NYC; taper your days.  You are not going to be able to get as much done on day two as you did on day one.  Day 3 even less.  You have to walk to take it all in and you can walk like 10 miles a day, so you have to be prepared.  I saw a lot of parents that were smarter than us with kids on razor scooters.  Living in Boston, we are no strangers to walking, but were still able to wear our selves out.  Flip flops are a serious no-no. 

Food-  We ate at the Shang Hai Deluxe and the food was okay but the service was horrible.  Other people seemed to be getting okay service so there may have been something wrong with us.  Like that it was white guys with Asian girls or something.  Needless to say, I won't be recommending this place at all. 
One the flip side Kum Gang San on 32nd street in Korea Town was awesome.  Great atmosphere and authentic food.  Prices are a little high, but you don't go to NY to save money.
Finally we come to Shake Shack.  Recommended by a fellow blogger, it was a good burger and great shake.  It was so packed in there and we had to fight for seats.  My family of four got out of there for about $40 but we only got two shakes and two fries.  You do the math.  We did stop in for lunch at Piccaso's Pizza.  It was okay, but just pizza really.  Lots of places better in Boston. 

We didn't do any shows or tours this trip as we were really just feeling out the city.  The on and off bus tours look to be a pretty good deal.  The lego store and Toys R Us are both pretty awesome and are highly suggested.  We went to ground zero and saw the progress on the new building.  It is going to be huge.  We did 5th avenue and Wall St.  We took the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty. 

On the night of the 4th we went to the New Jersey State Fair.  Good times were had by all and we enjoyed the Kachunga alligator show. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

New York is like London - lots of walking. Glad you had a great time!

Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't been to NY yet, but I'll get there one of these days! :)

Triper said...

I see good pictures here.