Friday, January 20, 2012

Amazon Prime

The biggest mistake Amazon made with prime for the kindle is giving a month of it away for free.  After using, or actually not using, Amazon Prime for a month, I know I don’t want it.  I am way more inclined to go the Netflix route.  That extra couple of dollars a month for Netflix means more content that I would use.  “But you get to barrow a free book from Amazon Prime every month.”  Have you seen the selection.  It is a couple of best sellers and then crap.  Try digging into a genre and it is crap overload.  I watched one episode of Mario Brothers Super Show and I watched Ip Man.  I guess I could have paid a couple of bucks to rent another movie, but that couple of bucks will pay for a Netflix subscription that offers that movie for free. 
I love the fire and it is great for watching movies that the rest of the family has no interest in watching, ie Ip Man.  It is an amazing comic book reader, I recommend comicat for this.  It is a great for wasting time or IMDBing something while watching a movie.  Prime may become great, but currently, for me, it isn’t worth the money. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've tried Amazon Prime for a month and my wife made one order. I'm with you - NetFilx all the way.

SQT said...

I have an ipad and with the Netflix app so really have no need for Amazon prime. I looked at it just to see if it offered a good alternative, but it mostly seemed redundant.