Monday, April 16, 2012

We went to Wasabi at the Natick Mall this weekend because my wife has been dying for some sushi lately.  We all thought the conveyor belt was an interesting and novel idea and we were at the mall, so why not.  

How it works-Sushi is prepared en masse and placed on a conveyor belt that circles the entire restaurant.  You pick up whatever you want and eat it.  The plates are color coded to the price of the plate.  Prices range from $3-$6 per plate.  The server adds up your plates at the end and brings a bill.

First off, the wait staff was very attentive.  Unfortunately that was the only plus.

The sushi wasn't great.  The salmon and shrimp nigiri I had was okay, but the tuna nigiri was horrible.  Think limp rubbery tuna served at room temperature.  It sucked.  My wife had grabbed a plate from a different location on the conveyor belt and was similarly disappointed.   The plates I got were $3.50 for the salmon and $4 for the shrimp and tuna.  The prices don't sound that bad but that is for two pieces of nigiri.  So, I was at the $12 mark and still very hungry.  Everyone had similarly priced plates of equal number, so it got kind of outrageous quickly.  We all stopped eating even though we were all still hungry.

I had green tea.  Now maybe coming from an Asian household I have unfair expectations on something such as green tea that is meant for the general, majority non-asian public.  But, the tea was just kind of week.  It almost tasted like barley tea.  I know, right.

If you have no idea what good crisp sushi tastes like and just want to go in and give it a try, you may like it.  If you like sushi, you want to give this one a  pass.  I have noticed that fresh sushi is very expensive in Boston, more so than Nashville, which is ironic.  The best place I have been too is the Japanese place in H-Mart.

As I type this my wife is in the kitchen slicing up some tuna she go from the grocery store.  a sneak taste has already resulted in a much better experience


The Angry Lurker said...

Sushi needs to real fresh, incredibly fresh and made just before you eat it but that can be horribly expensive but nice once in a while!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Wow, it's been too long since I've visited you!

I used to enjoy this restaurant called Blue C Sushi in Seattle, and they did it belt-style, too. It was actually really good (sorry to hear yours wasn't at this place), very fresh, but it always added up really quickly. I miss it there.