Monday, April 09, 2012

Who is the fairest of them all?

  “Who is the fairest of them all?”  This is the driving question behind the Snow White story.  The queen is the fairest only to be overcome by the blossoming Snow White.  This year there are two Snow White movies coming out. 
  Mirror, Mirror stars a well past her prime and not really ever truly gorgeous Julia Roberts.  Snow White is played by Lilly Collins who looks like she may have been born fairer that Julia Roberts.  I mean that daily mirror ritual should have set off alarms ten years prior.
Snow White and the Huntsman is the other movie that will come out and it stars Charlize Theron as the Queen and from what I have seen from the previews, she is smoking in this movie.  Snow White herself though is played by the incredibly average Kristen Stewart.  Yeah, I mean Charlize is going to need to be pretty old to be passed over in beauty by Kristen Stewart. 
I don’t trust movies to get source material right.  They absolutely suck at it.  But here you have absolutely horrendous casting decisions that compromise the premise of the story.  In one, you have a queen that could rightly only be called the fairest if everyone else in the kingdom was either below average in looks or pox scarred.  In the other you have a Snow White that will never compare to the queen in beauty and will therefore never rightly be a threat.  I mean, Charlize would ask the mirror and when it said Kristen Stewart was the fairest, she would likely send off for a new mirror as hers is obviously defective. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That said, between the two movies, Snow White and the Huntsman looks superior.

SteveB said...

I'd heard about SW&tH, but not Mirror Mirror. I agree that Kristin Stewart seems like a poor choice, both from an acting and a "beauty" standpoint -- and is apt to get crushed by Charlize on both counts.

You could also add ABC's Once Upon A Time television show (which while not great has been better than I expected). I find the evil queen a lot hotter than Snow White. Maybe I just like bad girls.

Jennifer Hillier said...

You make me laugh. I may go and see Snow White & The Huntsman, but I have no desire to see Mirror Mirror. Not sure why.