Thursday, June 13, 2013

I guess that is why it isn't called the Men's choice awards

Scanning channels last night, I noticed that Spike had their Guy's Choice Award show on.  Curious, I Stopped  in to check it out.  An hour later, I felt dumber and a little dirty for watching that little of it.  It seemed to just be an excuse for actors and actresses to cuss and be irreverent. Not a lot of substance there.  It seemed like it was run by and for frat boys.  Some may argue that Spike TV itself fits that bill itself. 

Maybe that is the problem.  Physiologically, I am a guy.  I don't happen to be a dude/bro.  Sure, I can be mysoginistic, crude, rude, and enjoy watching violence on a screen.  But, I am not a frat boy and too much of that stuff really turns me off.  Jennifer Anniston was trying to say the "F" bomb as much as she possibly could.  Hey Spike,  after a certain age, cussing is no longer funny.  Jennifer, cussing doesn't make you seem like one of the guys, it makes you seem like you are trying too hard to be one of the guys.  Also, I find women cussing unattractive (see mysogeny above).

I think my main problem with the show are the people that voted.  Maybe Spike as a channel attracts a lot of dude/bro types, but normal guys like to tune in to stuff like Ink Master and 1000 ways to die from time to time as well.  I don't think these normal guys visit the spike website and vote.  I mean, most grown men I know don't really think Seth Mcfarlane is funny.  I mean, he has the ability to be funny, but I am not watching 30 minutes of cringeworthy jokes on family guy for that one zinger.  Ted won best guy movie.  Ted!  It is basically all the bad parts of Family Guy rolled into a Teddy Bear.  I watched the movie.  I laughed at some things, I will admit, but the majority of the movie was horrible.  Who the heck voted for that. 

In closing:

Spike, please change the name of your award show to more accurately describe what it is.  Guy awards would make it seem like it was for a guys guy.  Maybe the frat boy awards would be better.  By calling it the Guy's Choice Awards, it unfairly associates all guys with the show.  I am not saying you have to have a stuffy award show, but maybe a less immature show would appeal to more people.  It can still be guy centric.  I love that idea, it is great.  I just don't think being a guy means being a guy in Seth Rogan movie, outside of college frat houses, I know very few people that live or would even enjoy that kind of life. 

P.S.  How can you do a career montage of Vin Diesel without including the Iron Giant?  Not cool, Spike.  Not cool. 

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