Monday, December 12, 2005


"What we fear comes to pass more speedily than what we hope."
---- Publilius Syrus - Moral Sayings (1st C B.C.)

This quote reminded me of the self fulfilling destiny. By acknowledging
something we subconsciously move toward that very thing. Even if the thing
we are moving towards is something we fear. An important part of goal
setting is to visualize yourself attaining said goal. In fact, I would say
that it is the first step.

Most people can go through life seeing themselves in one career or another.
From childhood they want to be a doctor and by the time they reach adulthood
they are a doctor. These goals and visualizations are often thrust upon the
child, and everyone feels sorry in these situations. Why? Not why do we do
this to children, but why do we feel sorry for parents that set goals for
their children. I kind of wish mine would have done so.

The fact is that my life has little direction. Not much was expected from me
and I blew away the few expectations that were there. When it came time to
decide my own direction, there was no base pattern for me to refer to. I
wish my parents were not hippies and would have pressed the importance of
becoming a doctor, lawyer or some such to help me choose a path. As it is, I
just kind of bounce around several paths making headway in none.

I need to find a field and set a goal. I have no doubts about my meeting my
goal, because even though I don't have the goal yet, I am already
visualizing myself as a successful person. I just need to choose the path
and start my journey. A leap of faith, but I will be okay. How do I know? I
can see myself.

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grrrace said...

my parents never pushed me in any sort of direction either. but i'm glad for that. lots of koreans just push, push, push their kids and they end up totally unhappy. maybe i'm not a dr or dentist or lawyer like a lot of the korean kids i went to school with... but i'm also not a total dick like them, either. heh. well, okay, i CAN be. but in a different way... heh.

Budd said...

I understand completely. My children have one Korean parent. Sometimes she scares me.