Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sam Walton: Made in America...

Sam Walton: Made in America

Sam Walton, John Huey

This book is a must read for all entrepreneurs, managers, or retail sales
people. Telling the story of Wal-Mart and founder Sam Walton, Made in
America really tells a story of the American dream. Full of anecdotes from
the early days of the company, Walton also gives advice on how to become a
competitor. The reader can feel the emotion and the love for the company as
Walton pours forth his words. Each chapter is laced with perspectives from
a multitude of people including everyone from his wife to the CEO of K-Mart.

This book is family safe and recommended for everyone. Love or hate
Wal-Mart, this book shows an inspirational story and may clear up some
misconceptions. Walton is unapologetic in this book for his success and
welcomes any new competition. An exceptional read.

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