Wednesday, December 14, 2005

War Surf

War Surf
M. M. Buckner

Buckner's third attempt surpasses her first but doesn't quite live up to the
second. If you have read the second book, Neurolink, you may find a lot of
the same plot elements in War Surf.

This book is about characters that surf "wars", semi-violent litigations
between execs and protes, for the adrenaline rush. Two of the characters
get stranded on a satellite and have to befriend protes to survive. Life
lessons are learned and the protes end up teaching the execs.

My major problem was with the pacing. The story is told in flashback from a
dying exec on the satellite. The author then takes too long in getting the
characters too the satellite. There is a lot of debate on whether or not
they should go when you already know they will. It just kind of drug on at
that point. Once the characters get on the satellite the pace picks up and
the story is fairly entertaining.

My only other problem was with the main characters characterization. He
doesn't seem realistic in his actions or thoughts. It was a more
appropriate characterization for a spoiled teenager than a 200+ man.

Not the authors fault, but the cover doesn't really represent the book or
the world in which the book lies, but that is nitpicking.

I would recommend this book to sci fi fans. Due to sexual content, not
graphic, 16 up.

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