Monday, August 25, 2008

My problems with the Olympics

You won't see me complaining about the gymnasts being too young.  If they can do all that stuff at 14 then go for it. 

My problem was with the interviews after a match when the athlet won silver or bronze.  Almost every interview I saw in this case had the athlete saying, "I couldn't have asked/wished for anything more".  Um. . . sure you could have.  You could have asked/wished for gold.  Maybe your limited thinking is why you didn't get it int he first place. 

I also hate the biting of the medals.  Why?  Checking to see if it is real?  If I was the IOC or the host nation, this would offend me.  Anyways, you don't konw where those medals have been. 

The expert commentators.  I hate when I see a dive or routine and go wow only to hear them say oh no and then go on about how they did it all wrong and then the judges give the person a good score.  Lets just get this straight, if you were so good, you would be a judge, but your not. 

I hate, absolutely hate, the bling.  Keri Walsh lost her ring during a match and I don't see how the track athletes run at all as they all step into the blocks looking like Mr. T.  One guy goes so far as to put his chain in his mouth.  I know exactly where the medal is going should he win one. 

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Eli's Dad said...

You just know those medals are guarded by an athlete who just wasn't good enough. He stands in the corner while the gold winner receives his medal and says "Go ahead golden boy, see what this medal tastes like....hee..hee."