Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Administration woes

I am getting a little frustrated with politics in the good ole U.S. of
A. How long has it been since we have had a president that was worth
a crap. Bush 2 sucks and is screwing things up, Clinton was a screw
up, and Bush 1 was so screwed up that he had Quayle as a vice
president. Reagan was better than all of them put together and he had

The presidency is less about vision and doing what is right than it is
about poll numbers. Bush keeps screwing up because he wants to please
all of the people and, by trying, ends up pleasing none of the people.
He ran as a conservative but has been anything but. He wants people
to think that he has ideas and that he is like Reagan, but he is not.
He throws things out to please people, but he has no ideas on how to
implement a plan of action to get them done.

The sad thing. The American people continue to be inundated with
worthless candidates. People who thrive off of the status quo. The
repulicans and the democrats both benifit from the current partisan
bull crap. Polarizing the American public is really good for the
coffers. We need someone with a solid stance and solid policies.
Someone who is going to do what they think is right no matter what.

Where is this candidate, and can he get elected.

If you are this person, please run for president! Please! America needs you.


Mary-LUE said...

Proofread point: Quale = Quayle

Budd said...

Potato=however quayle spelt it.

Thanks, I will edit that.

melanaise said... have proof readers!! I love it!