Monday, May 01, 2006

A Veiled Lesson

I will preface my comments with the fact that my wife is an immigrant and fully intends on going to work today. 

Today is a day that could teach us all a very important lesson about immigration and its effect on our economy.  With thousands, possibly millions, of immigrants cutting work today it could seriously affect some places of business to the point where they have to shut down operations.  Millions of people craving an enchilada or a tamale will have to go without.  Schools, overcrowded with students, will be a little emptier. 

Yes, today is the great non-American walkout.  Immigrants have been encouraged to leave their places of work and school today to draw attention to the legislation being considered to help control the illegal immigration problem.  Why any legal immigrant would take part in this is unfathomable to me.  The legal immigrant went through the lengthy sometimes expensive process of getting their green card.  Illegals also reduce wages for all people, especially immigrants with limited English speaking capability. 

I hope that legal immigrants do go to work/school today.  I hope that businesses do not close their doors today and call the temp agencies to fill in for the day.  I hope that business owners that hire illegals will replace the workers that walk off of the job today with people who are legally supposed to be here.  I hope students and teachers look around at the classroom and realize that the classroom is better less crowded and that teachers, busy teaching ESL classes could be teaching subjects available for all children.  I hope America looks around and sees that we are a better place due to legal immigration, but we can get by and thrive without the illegal population.

This day can accomplish much should we chose to learn from it.

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