Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al-Zarqawi is Dead

This could be a very big victory. We just have to use every bit of intelligence we have and make a massive strike on the insurgents immediately, while they are regrouping. But, we will lallygag around and play up the fact that we killed him and adjust strategies until the opportunity is gone. The Iraqi army and police should be involved in the follow-up strikes as to make some heroes out of local guys and motivate the masses. But, we won't do anything and if we did, we will do it alone.

As for soldiers murdering civilians, some people search out jobs in the military because they are sick and it gives them the opportunity to act out on their sickness. This is not an American problem. It happens around the world. Military courts are especially hard on these people. If someone gets off, it is usually because they are innocent. The military hates bad PR from crimes. Everyone forgets that it was a military investigation into Abu Graib that revealed the "torture" there.

Let's not stereotype our soldiers into blood thirsty murderers, please.

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J. Stone said...

Hear, Hear Budd!!! Thank You