Thursday, August 24, 2006

Untitled fiction blogisode1

There was a light shining from under the door.  Shirley was sure that the light in the closet wasn't that bright and was pretty sure that she had turned the light off before going to sleep.  But, here she was, at two in the morning, staring across the room at her closet door. 

Shirley quietly pulled the covers from her legs and swung them around on to the floor.  Her toes touched the hard wood for an instant before she pulled them back up.  She lowered them down again, searching the floor at the edge of her bed for her slippers.  Shirley crossed the room quickly with her arms crossed snuggly across her chest, protecting her from the night chill, and flipped the light switch.  Nothing. 

Curiosity battled fear and won.  Shirley grasped the cold brass knob and twisted it quietly and slowly.  She paused with the knob turned before yanking the door open.  Light flooded into the room, blinding Shirley. She stumbled back a few steps, folding one of her slippers under.  She fell backwards as she heard a young girl's voice in a whisper that sounded digitized say "help me!"  As she continued falling her head strikes the bed frame. 



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Spitfire said...

fyi, this is good...and I have a science fiction novelist who wants to submit posts from his novels for sci fi review.

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