Friday, October 27, 2006

You think you know cute

My oldest is in Tae Kwon Do (TKD), and in last nights class they did sparring.  Ashli has been in the class for a week and this was her first time to put on the gear and actually fight another student.  She was scared.  I am proud to say that she was able to conquer her fear and actually enjoyed the experience.  In her second match, she was very aggressive and dominated the match.  But this isn't what was cute. 

There are two three year olds in the class and they were matched up against each other twice.  If you have never seen three year olds sparring in TKD tournament gear, you have not seen cute.  They look like people in those giant sumo suits that you can get for parties.  These three year olds are completely serious and are trying to land their punches and kicks.  Whenever one of them would actually land a punch or a kick they would both fall down.  Three year olds yelling "Hiya!" with every punch and kick is also a funny sound.  All the parents were laughing and going into diabetic shock. 

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