Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I don't care if you didn't do it!

Dear "Pacman Jones,"

Since you came to Nashville to play for the Titans, you have been followed by trouble.  Your ego is over inflated and your shenanigans are not appreciated.  Your actions make the entire state look bad.  I don't think the loss of your skill on the field will cost the Titans wins.  I don't want you in my city.  Even if you yourself are not directly causing trouble, your entourage (who seem to all be imports and not from Nashville) is.  Please, clean out your locker and go home.  You can hang with your posse and do your drugs back in the "hood." 

So long, it was horrible while it lasted.

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grrrace said...

uhm... yeah! :P

{_over_under_Bry_} said...

Pacman Jones, bites, punches & calls in a hit.But then what would you expect from an overpaid child that wears spandex on sunday afternoons and chases a pigskin.Get the over/under on when pacman will get in trouble

Steve Betz said...

Budd -- I remembered this post from a while back -- (thank God for tag searching...) -- what did you think of Goodell's ONE YEAR SUSPENSION of Jones. I think its awesome.

Budd said...

it is awesome. The Titans have stated that he might not play in 2008 either.