Monday, June 18, 2007

Battleroad Nashville

After two weeks of begging and pleaing, I took Ashli to the game store to play Pokemon yesterday.  Once she found out that they meet there every sunday to play she has been dieing to go.  To prepare her, I made her watch the tutorial video on their website and built a deck out of her disorganized cards. 

When we got there we found out that instead of a informal gathering, there was a tournament.  It was free, so I signed her up.  She got a free poster, pencil, and notebook just for attending.  Their was a judge that sat Ashli down and explained game play and looked at the deck that I built.  He made sure she new the rules and was far better at teaching her the game than I was (I had read the rule book). 

Ashli was the youngest player there and got put against a kid named Ian.  Ian had been coming for a couple of weeks and was 7.  It was a pretty good game and Ian's dad was into it and explained a lot of things to me.  She lost but learned a lot.  Her second game was against what looked to be a 9 year old.  I didn't care for this game too much.  He seemed to not have the time to let Ashli understand what he was doing and he played a lot of special cards with special abilities that involved moving a bunch of stuff around.  I didn't even really understand what he was doing.  After time had run out, the game was tied with 5 prize cards left for each player.  Ashli's Pokemon had some damage and the other kid had just pulled up a new one, fully evolved.  Ashli lost, but the kid only had two cards left in his deck, had the time limit not been there, she would have won.

We had to leave and couldn't play the third and fourth round.  Ashli got an inflatable Pokeball for her efforts and I bought her a pack of cards.  She said that she didn't care that she lost, because she had so much fun.  She wants to do it again.  I have created a monster.

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kat >>/dev/null said...

this is so sweet!!!

grrrace said...

how cute!i don't get those card games AT ALL. in chocobo tales, i have to play card games against these bosses. duuuude, i just randomly pick cards. i have no strategy. heh.