Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big, Dumb Government


So, we are going to give money to companies that make a sub par, gas guzzling product that no one wants to buy.  Oh wait, the American people are going to own stock in these corportations now.  So, if the company ever becomes profitable again, when can I expect my dividend check?  The government will eventually own the American auto industry and we will never see a dime and will continue being taxed into bankruptcy.  I wonder how long before we ban imports.

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Phil Davis said...

Yeah, I thought the bail out in general was bad but this is getting ridiculous. The big American auto manufacturers have been making poor decisions for years and are using the economy as an excuse. Where are my Ford kit cars, electric cars, small cheap cars, modular cars, heck... I was promised a flying car!

Senya said...

hm interesting, thx!