Monday, September 10, 2012

Bologna Sandwich

So, the wife was making bologna sandwiches for lunch today (German Bologna was on sale for $3.45 per pound).  I walk into the kitchen and notice that she has placed swiss cheese on the sandwiches.  *Alert, Alert, Danger, Will Robinson!*  You don't put swiss cheese on a bologna sandwich.  Infact, you don't put any cheese on bologna.  A bologna sandwich consists of three ingredients.  Bologna, White Bread, and Mayo.  It is single handedly the least healthy sandwich in the history of the world but it sure tastes good. 

I would be willing to hear your interesting bologna sandwich recipes.  Interesting and Wrong!

*note:  I have not tried bacon on a bologna sandwich, but I am sure it would be good. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bacon would make it better.

The Angry Lurker said...

...with crisps!

SteveB said...

I am a cheese+bologna person. Mustard with german bologna, but mayo with "american" style. Never lettuce.

Tracie said...

bologna, Kraft cheese single, lettuce, SWEET pickles and potato chips. It's what I ate as a kid and at 42 every now and then I get the hnakering for one. After a few bites my nostalgia is cured and I find I can't finish it.

Budd said...

Alex: yes it would!

Lurker: I eat my ham sammiches that way.

Steve: what kind of cheese do you use?

Tracie: If you used my recipe you would finish the whole thing :)