Friday, May 26, 2006

Child Molester Set Free Because of Height

A 50 year old child Molester will be set free on the public for 10 years of probation after a judge decided he might not survive prison due to his height. 

This is inexcusable on the judges part.  This man just got a get out of jail free card.  He is just going to turn around and do this again.  Next time he goes before her for yet another molestation charge will she just add to his probation.  Maybe she will slap him on the wrist for good measure. 

The judge should go to jail for abortion of justice.

Thanks to <a href=""> My Pet Jawa </a> for bringing this to my attention. 


Carol said...

I agree. I saw this on the news tonight and it made my blood boil!! So what if he's too short to survive prison...doesn't he know "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime"

Does this mean anyone under 5 feet can go out and commit any crime they'd like and get away with it????

melanaise said...

yeah, I would like this question answered immediately. I happen to get called smurf alot. I want to know EXACTLY what criminal activities I am missing out on.

Although.. Lil Kim is doing time, and she is small.

eh, nevermind, I don't think I will ever use my height to get out of a crime. If I up and start shooting people, it will be on CNN, and it will be sweet relief to go to jail. (I said IF, IF - and I don't believe in random targets, sheesh) *nervous laughter*