Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men: Relatively spoiler free

The beauty of comic storylines is that you can continue them in a serial method, thus creating grand storylines and characterizations that would not be possible in a single issue or in three two hour movies.

I liked the movie in the theaters, but the more I dwell on it the less I like it. I hope they don't make anymore x-men movies. Two hours is not enough to establish a team of superheroes and a team of supervillians.

Hollywood crapped this movie out to make money. Lets bring back all the stars, bring in some other big names, make a lot of stuff blow up, do some amazing special effects, and kill characters for shock value, it will make millions. Oh yeah, write a story loosely base on this famous one to get the fans hopes up.

Halle Berry sucked for the third straight x-men movie. Sure they made the character cooler with special effects, but that doesn't solve her acting problem.

Taken solely as an action movie, it was good. Taken as an X-Men movie, I cried myself to sleep.

This movie took x-men cannon and urinated on it right after they used it to wipe their butts. All the movies have changed some aspects of the story, but this movie borders on blasphemy. The mistreated characters that are well loved and very established. They took several great X-Men story arcs and reduced them to a mediocre story in which to have an epic battle.

I will admit the battle was cool and the team tactics were very cool, but they changed too much for it to be completely enjoyable.

I was disappointed to say the least.

                I have an English degree. I love literature. In the literary world, people have been trying to rework classics for years. It never works. No retelling of Romeo and Juliet will ever even pale in comparison to the original. No matter how many times they make Great Expectations into a movie, it always sucks. The nerve of the people to think they are worthy of changing/rewriting the works of Dickens and Shakespeare among oh so many others. Each writer has their own style and cadence and the stories they write work within that style and cadence.

                Lets face it screenwriters are not the most talented writers in the world and we let them go wild on some of literatures classics. The X-Men are literature to me. The old story arcs are classics and deserve respect. Something that fan fiction and Hollywood are incapable of showing.

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