Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have noticed that there are a lot more cases of PTSD these days.  I think this is a symptom of something much larger.  American men are becoming sissies.  I have to include myself in this because I believe there are very few exceptions.  Heck, I saw a fighter on the UFC cry after winning a fight.  The UFC!  These are the most macho men on the planet. 

When did it become socially acceptable for a man to cry.  Some men do it often and without embarrassment.  If I get choked up, I at least try and hide the fact.  There are only 3 reasons a man should cry:  1)  His dog dies (or he is watching/reading old yellar/where the red fern grows), 2)  He is watching Rudy (or similar movie/situation where the underdog comes out and proves how much of a man he is by seriously stepping up) 3)  The birth of a child.

Those are the only reasons.  Maybe the masculinization of the females has lead to the feminization of men.  We are not made to be emotional creatures, we are made to be stone cold rational.  This emotional vacancy allows us to go fight wars without worrying about PTSD.  This also helps us to be riskier and to make bolder moves, that lead to greater rewards. 

If I were less of a man, I would cry for the sorry state of affairs that masculinity is in. 

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[atropos] said...

I agree the crying should be kept to a minimal, but as to the list that you have presented... I don't quite agree. Crying for a dog or a movie is unexcusable in the big man picture. Crying at something produced and carefully executed by a cast of actors and Hollywood whatnots should not invoke tears unless you're the fairer sex. But the birth of a child, sure. The death of a loved one, why not. It's as if men should have a tear quota saved up for special occasions only; ensuring appropriate use.

grrrace said...

my husband never cries. ever. he is so manly. hehe.

CosmicBabe said...

I think it's become more acceptable (in general) for men to cry as it's become less acceptable for women to cry. Think about it -- 20 years ago (or longer), women cried at the drop of a hat and nobody really thought much of it...it was considered normal. Women were automatically assumed to be "emotional."Now, women cry and they're either labeled as "manipulative" (such as to get out of a speeding ticket) or "drama queen" (such as if someone hurts their feelings) or "just a big whiner" (and men get labeled that, too). Likewise, up until about 20 years ago, it was relatively common for a woman to have to run to the ladies' room at work to cry, but now women are expected never to cry at work -- just like men!

Budd said...

I need to practice some vulcan stuff to get my emotions under control. Well guys are allowed to express joy and dislike, so I will just focus all of my emotional strength there and exhaust my self to anything that could produce tears. I encourage all men to do this. Let the women have their tears of solice. We men need to rebuild ourselves of sterner stuff.

Steve Betz said...

Hah --- all I can think of is the scene in "Bedazzled" where the guy becomes "the most sensitive guy on earth" and cries at how beautiful flowers are, or the sunset. The girl didn't want that in her man--imagine that? Hysterical.
I have to admit I don't know what PTSD stands for??

Budd said...

Steve-That scene was hilarious. PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder, or shell shock, or battle fatigue. I can see having it if your arm was blown off but just seeing that happen to someone shouldn't make you cry in your sleep. In my line of work I see it for all kinds of things from rape to spanked when child to all kinds of things.
We are all sissies, except for grrrace's husband and you Steve for not even knowing/acknowledging what ptsd is.