Friday, May 25, 2007

Tag, I am it!

Firstly, the rules

Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to also post these rules in their blog.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 people to be tagged and list them.
Send an email telling them they are tagged or leave a comment doing the same.

I was tagged by Angel Of Darkness

8 random facts/habits about Budd

1.  My nickname started as Buddy is a family nickname for Williams (my name) on my mom's side of the family.  My father started calling me his little buddy (as in the skipper and his little buddy) without knowledge of the family nickname for Williams. 

2.  I can't stand to touch my chewing gum after it has been in my mouth.  I will spit it out with out touching it.  I don't even like to spit it into a napkin that I am holding. 

3.  I served four years in the United States Army.  Three of those years were in Kansas, the fourth year in Korea, and I did my basic training in Kentucky.  Do you see a pattern forming here.  If I would have been in during the war, I would most likely have been sent to Kuwait.  I did not see combat while I was in. My unit in Kansas was sent to Bosnia three months after I shipped for Korea.

4.  I went to 13 different schools for my primary and secondary education.  My longest duration was k-1.

5.  I have been fixed.  I wasn't broken but was fixed anyways.  I now lay around and get fat.

6.  I took four semesters of Japanese in college and 3 years of French in highschool.  I am unable to communicate in either language.  This distresses me to no end.

7.  I play a card game every day at lunch based on Superheroes called VS System.  It is very fun to play and highly addictive. 

8.  I have jumped out of planes a total of seven times.  None of these were done as part of the military, they were all static line, and I have actually had to pull my reserve.

I tag Angela, Damien, Phil, Design Shark, Lorelei , Jung, JP, Ken

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[atropos] said...

Very neat. Definitely an adventure.

little wonders said...

there is a Canadian Comedy Duo "Bowser and Blue" who have a song for you concerning #5 "My VasectoME". I took french in high school and can't speak it either :(

[atropos] said...

Three years of Spanish and I know a few simple phrases and conjugations. I wish I was fluent. :(

Phil Davis said...

1. My nickname is Phil (short for Phillip) because my father was called Phillip and his father Frank.2. I don't like to chew gum right after eating because it will get food in it.3. My brother who is a Vietnam Vet threatened me if I even considered joining the armed forces.4. I changed elementary schools after 4th grade when my family moved to a new house. I had the option to stay at the same school but one of the two fifth grade teachers was notorious for giving padelings to students who didn't do well on tests. I still recall seeing his class out in the hall receiving a strike for each grade below 'A' that they received.5. As far as I know I am not broken either.6. Ditto on Japanese, similar on Spanish7. I don't jump out of perfectly good airplanes8. I don't play these type of games.

grrrace said...

i've been to a ton of schools, too! i used to remember how many schools i went to... but ever since i got pregnant, my memory just hasn't been the same. i'm totally not shitting you.